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Mistress April is accepting a LIMITED number of new submissives. Priority is given to those with references from our members. If you believe you have what it takes to be a sub of Mistress April, email Mistress April and request details on Her procedures. As a matter of choice Mistress April does sessions only at Bangkok's famous Chateau Jade private Dungeon House. No outcalls, no travel, no exceptions! Mistress April insists not to offer two-Domme sessions of less than 3 hours duration, and prefers sessions of 12 hours to one week in length. Mistress April normally sessions along with her associates Mistress Oh or Mistress Tahn or Mistress Doll. Mistress April also offer solo sessions of minimum 6 hours. Mistress April does not offer services to Dominant clients, she does not switch.


With TWO Mistresses

3 hours 7000 Baht

6 hours 10,000 baht

12 hours 15,000 baht

24 hours 20,000 baht

With ONE Mistress

6 hours 7000 baht

12 hours 10,000 baht

24 hours 15,000 baht

Additional Information - Email Mistress April
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